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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you recommend AppleCare or carrier insurance?

Carrier insurance offerings vary greatly based on what carrier you have, what kind of contract you have, and many other factors. We're hesitant to recommend them over AppleCare+ and other options simply because there are typically exorbitant monthly fees plus ever-changing deductibles involved, often on the high side.

Is Verizon insurance worth it?

Verizon mobile insurance plans are generally a good deal to those on the Verizon network. These plans offer a slightly lower deductible than found with many competitors, with these deductibles coming in at the $49 to $199 range. Verizon insurance plans typically offer coverage for loss, theft, damage, and malfunction.

Is AppleCare worth the buy?

Yes. Unfortunately, this has always been the AppleCare trade-off. You might purchase the service and never use it, thus giving Apple free money for little more than access to 24/7 tech support.

Can I get Apple care through Verizon?

You can purchase AppleCare+ standard plans when you purchase iPhones and iPads online from the Verizon website, but an employee can’t add it for you in-store. It’s a difficult process and the coverage from Verizon is limited, but it is possible to add AppleCare when buying from

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