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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the AppleCare Protection Plan cost?

The AppleCare Protection Plan is available for Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4K and costs $39. Notably, this isn’t an insurance plan and simply a warranty extension with better support options. This means there is no associated fee attached for repairs. Up to two years of Apple-certified service and support coverage.

How much is Verizon cell phone protection plan?

Verizon offers several different phone protection or insurance programs. Here’s each plan and the typical monthly price for single-line protection (pricing as of June 2020): $17 – Verizon Protect $14 – Total Mobile Protection $11 – Total Equipment Coverage $6.85 – Wireless Phone Protection $5 – Extended Warranty

Is AppleCare coverage worth the price?

Only you can decide if AppleCare is worth the price for you. It depends on how you expect to treat your devices, your past history of accidents, etc. Before you buy AppleCare, though, it pays, as always, to do the math. Related Previous Post

What does the AppleCare Protection Plan include?

For most Apple products, AppleCare includes 90 days of technical support on chat or phone and one year of coverage on hardware failure. That means a product defect that results in the hardware malfunctioning will be covered by Apple for the first year after a purchase. AppleCare+ is Apple’s extended product warranty.

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