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Frequently Asked Questions

What companies does Viacom own?

As with the old Viacom, the current company owns Viacom International, which is the formal owner of copyrights associated with Viacom's corporate website and its cable networks. This division now owns the rights to a majority of Elvis Presley films made for Paramount Pictures, such as Blue Hawaii and King Creole.

What does the name Viacom mean?

Viacom, an acronym of Video & Audio Communications, may refer to: Viacom (1952-2006), an American media conglomerate; Viacom (2005-2019), a company spun off from the original Viacom; ViacomCBS, a corporation formed by the merger of CBS Corporation and the second incarnation of Viacom on December 4, 2019

Did Viacom acquire CBS?

The first incarnation of Viacom was created in 1952 as the television syndication division of CBS; it was spun off in 1971. In 1999, Viacom acquired its former parent, then named CBS Corporation (formerly Westinghouse Electric).

What channels are Viacom?

Viacom channels vary across our markets, but may have included the following channels in your area: Centric, Spike, CMT, Comedy Central, BET, MTV, MTV2, MTV Hits, VH-1, VH-1, Classic Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Nick Teen, Nick Toons, and TV LAND.

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