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Frequently Asked Questions

Does CBS own Viacom?

Viacom Inc., the media conglomerate that owns CBS and MTV, said Tuesday that its board had unanimously approved a plan to split the company into two separate entities, one focusing on broadcast television and the other on cable networks. Viacom said the split will occur in the first quarter of 2006.

What does ViacomCBS own?

Other assets owned by ViacomCBS include the Paramount Pictures film and television studio, book publisher Simon & Schuster, multi-genre online video conference VidCon, mixed martial arts promoter Bellator, and media and entertainment company Awesomeness.

What companies does Viacom own?

As with the old Viacom, the current company owns Viacom International, which is the formal owner of copyrights associated with Viacom's corporate website and its cable networks. This division now owns the rights to a majority of Elvis Presley films made for Paramount Pictures, such as Blue Hawaii and King Creole.

What is ViacomCBS streaming?

ViacomCBS Streaming (formerly CBS Digital Media Group, then CBS Interactive) is an American media division of ViacomCBS that oversees the operations of its streaming services and Internet brands. It is an online content network for information and entertainment. Its websites and apps cover entertainment, news and sports.

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