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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia Tours & Trips Tour the Ethiopia's several world heritage sites including the striking Simien mountains and the lunar landscape of the Danakil Depression. Ethiopia also boasts many important blues and jazz musicians easily heard around the capital city of Addis Ababa. 153 Ethiopia holiday packages with 118 reviews

How many days northern Ethiopia tour?

7 Days Northern Ethiopia Tours & Celebrating " TIMKET" the Baptism of Christ . This operator allows you to rebook your dates or tours with them for free, waiving change fees.

What do women need to know when traveling in Ethiopia?

Women need to cover their knees and shoulders in Ethiopia, except while visiting Addis Ababa. Restaurant tips range from 2 to 5 Birr irrespective of the total cost of the meal. Ethiopian ATMs do not recognize foreign credit or debit cards so come well-prepared. Ask your tour guide if you’re confused about the ingredients in your meal.

How can I save money with Viator?

Once you order a tour through Viator, keep an eye on tours offered by the same operator at different sites for opportunities to save. Viator offers a Lowest Price Guarantee and will reduce its costs to match tours by the same operator sold at different sites in the same currency.

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