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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Viator a reputable tour company?

Viator could be a reputable company for all your travel needs, yes. Also, please understand that Viator is just a tour broker so there would be such events that are beyond their control and can only be dealt with by the supplier of their tours. Example: Last-minute cancellations.

How to unsubscribe from Trip Advisor?

Pretty much to unsubscribe from any thing here that you are getting via email - is to signon to TripAdvisor and put your mouse over the "Your TripAdvisor" link at the top of the page. Then click "subscriptions." From there you can unsubscribe from any and all TripAdvisor emails and newsletters.

Is Trip Advisor reliable?

No, Tripadvisor is not reliable. Tripadvisor aims at serving third-parties interests instead of helping travellers. I wrote a one-star review of a restaurant that is high ranked in Wroclaw, Poland but at which I had a disastrous experience.

What is Viator by TripAdvisor?

About us. Viator, a TripAdvisor company, is the market leading destination tours and activities provider, featuring thousands of in destination travel activities in more than 2,000 destinations worldwide via our award-winning websites and mobile apps. Who We Are We're travelers with a desire to learn and grow as an individual and in our careers.

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