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Frequently Asked Questions

What does viatris mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Viatris Inc. is an American global healthcare company headquartered in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. The company was formed through the merger of Mylan and Upjohn on November 16, 2020.

What is the ticker symbol for viatris?

Viatris Inc. is an American-based global healthcare company formed through the merger of Mylan and Upjohn in November 2020. At the time of the combination, Michael Goettler became CEO of the new company. Following the combination, the company began trading on the NASDAQ using the ticker symbol VTRS.

Is viatris (VTRs) a good buy?

Here Are 3 Stocks To Buy and Hold for the Long Term As one of the world's largest manufacturers of generic medicines, Viatris (NASDAQ: VTRS) is a company that's appealing to investors of all stripes. Let's examine three tidbits that explain why this stock is worth talking about as an investment.

Who is the CEO of viatris?

On November 16, 2020, Upjohn merged with Mylan in a Reverse Morris Trust transaction and changed its name to Viatris. At that time, Michael Goettler became chief executive officer.

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