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Frequently Asked Questions

What programs run on startup?

Make a Program Run at Startup. Step. Double-click on the "My Computer" icon to see your disk drives. Alternately, click the "Start" button and click on "My Computer." (Windows Vista has renamed "My Computer" to "Computer.") Double click on the "C:" drive, (to open it up) then the "Documents and Settings" folder.

How to make any program run at start-up Windows 10?

How to Make a Program Run on Startup in Windows 10 ] Place Program shortcut in Startup folder. The simplest way would be to place a shortcut of the Program in the Windows Startup folder. ... ] Add Programs to startup using freeware. While the built-in MSCONFIG or System Configuration Utility allows you to disable or delete startup entries, it does not allow you to add ... ] Make Program run with Windows boot via Registry. You can make use of the Registry Startup Paths to add programs to start with every boot. ... See More....

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