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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Vilayat?

From (i) Urdu vilāyat (also regional bilāyat) and its etymon (ii) Persian vilāyat inhabited country, dominion, district (in India used specifically with reference to Europe or Britain) from Arabic wilāyat-, wilāya province, specific semantic development of wilāya sovereignty, rule from the same Arabic base as walī.

What are the vilayets of the Ottoman Empire?

The Vilayets (Turkish pronunciation: [vilaːˈjet]) of the Ottoman Empire were the first-order administrative division, or provinces, of the later empire, introduced with the promulgation of the Vilayet Law (Turkish: Teşkil-i Vilayet Nizamnamesi) of 21 January 1867.

What is the meaning of Wilaya?

While in Arabic, the word wilaya is used to denote a province or region or district without any specific administrative connotation, the Ottomans used it to denote a specific administrative division.

Who is the Governor General of a vilayet?

A vali or governor-general, nominated by the sultan, stands at the head of the vilayet, and on him are directly dependent the kaimakams, mutassarifs, deftardars and other administrators of the minor divisions.

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