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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best vlog music channels on YouTube?

Vlog Music No Copyright. Vlog Music No Copyright is one of the best vlog music channels on YouTube. It provides free copyright music that you can download to use in your daily/travel vlogs. The best part is that the channel uploads new songs everyday and sorts music by genres and moods.

Where can I find free music for my vlog?

Audio Library – No copyright music has over 1000 free to use music, sorted by mood, genre and artist. This is probably the best place to get the perfect fit for your vlog, landscape footage and travel video, etc. Sometimes before shooting or editing, I'll check this channel and get inspiration for my next video theme.

How to make a great YouTube vlog video?

To create an amazing YouTube vlog video, you'll need to find the right music track and sound effects, which helps show emotions and make your video stand out. To avoid copyright infringement, you can use public domain, creative commons or royalty-free music (What's the difference? Click here to learn more about music licensing ).

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