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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a GoPro a good travel camera?

It's a great travel camera , especially if you're into video. You don't need to be into extreme sports to get a lot out of it, as it's useful even for normal travel situations, especially if you get the GoPRO HERO 7 Black edition.

What is a good vlogging camera?

Canon S120 is a great point and shoot vlogging camera which is often recommended as an alternate to the G7x for the low budget folks. It does not have the flip out screen but has image stabilization, wifi and wide angle lens which is perfect for vlogging. Casey Neistat called it “The Almost Perfect Video Camera”.

What is the GoPro channel?

Quick Look: The GoPro channel offers hundreds of user-submitted videos from around the world. For those of you not familiar with GoPro, it is a very versatile camera/digital camcorder that is able to be used on land, underwater, or mounted to most anything that moves.

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