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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Vmax batteries last?

The VMAX 100ah battery takes a charge faster than any others listed here, and delivers high-quality output on a grand scale. We’ve seen a good number of reports claiming the VMAX lasts up to 10 years without having to be replaced, with up to 1500+ charge cycles, which is incredibly impressive if true.

What is the best 100Ah 12V battery to buy?

The following 100ah 12V batteries have been proven to be reliable, take thousands of charges reliably, and provide consistent levels of power. 1. Renogy Deep Cycle Pure Gel Battery 12V 100Ah

What kind of battery is Mighty Max?

The Mighty Max is a Sealed Lead Acid/AGM battery that provides consistent power at another attractive price (similar to the Universal above). It resists high vibrations well, and operates reliably at a wide range of ambient temperatures.

What is the quality of a 100Ah deep cycle battery?

The quality of a particular 100ah deep cycle battery will depend on the quality/strength of the components used and the design of the interior of the battery (which the consumer really won’t be able to see).

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