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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enable virtualization in BIOS?

Follow these steps to make Virtualization Techonology is enabled in PC BIOS. Turn ON the System Repeatedly press Esc key at startup. Press the F10 key for BIOS Setup. Press the right arrow key to System Configuration tab, Select Virtualization Technology and then press the Enter key. Select Enabled and press the Enter key.

What is virtualization in BIOS?

Computer virtualization is a processor (CPU) feature rather than a motherboard feature, but because your motherboard is the center point for every component in your PC, the motherboard BIOS is used to make adjustments to the CPU as well.

What is VMware virtualization?

VMware is a virtualization and cloud computing software provider based in Palo Alto, California. Founded in 1998, VMware is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies.

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