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Frequently Asked Questions

Is VMware Fusion open source?

It's the open source packages used in VMware Fusion, not the VMware itself. As an example the VMware-fusion-open-source-502.tgz file contains the following packages: at-spi-1.22.1.tgz gtk-engines-2.18.4.tgz

Does VMware Fusion 4 support?

VMware Fusion 4 is designed for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and includes support for using Mission Control to switch between Mac and Windows applications. Support for Spaces and Exposé has also been improved to make it easier to switch between applications. Mac OS X Lion and Mac OS X Lion Server are now supported as guest operating systems.

What is VM fusion?

VMware Fusion is a software hypervisor developed by VMware for Macintosh computers.

Can macOS be run in a VMware type environment?

VMware Fusion lets you run macOS, Windows, Linux and other x86-based operating systems as virtual machines. Nearly all programs that run on these operating systems will run with VMware Fusion.

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