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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does VMware Workstation Pro cost?

Workstation Pro also supports graphical applications for Window and Linux guests, including 3D and GPU technology, as well as USB device connection to VMs. The cost of a Workstation Pro license is around $200. You can opt for the VMware Workstation Player product instead, which is free for personal use and costs around $100 for commercial use.

How do I uninstall VMware Workstation?

Go to control panel. Select VMware Workstation and click uninstall. Follow the instructions in Uninstall wizard to complete uninstall. At last click finish and reboot your computer.

What is the difference between VMware Workstation and player?

Now, the most significant difference between the two would be the price, as the VMWare Workstations costs $189, while the VMWare Player is available for free. Since VMWare Player is free, it is expected that it lacks certain features that are available in the VMWare Workstations. The VMWare Player is unable to create multiple snapshots and clones.

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