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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest proof vodka?

Polish-made Spirytus vodka tops the lot at 192 proof and should remain, since the highest possible distillation for an ethanol-water mix is 94.68 percent. A higher ethanol level cannot be achieved by distillation, no matter how many times the vodka is distilled.

What is the alcohol percentage in vodka?

A liquor’s proof is calculated by doubling the percentage of alcohol in the liquid. So, vodka that contains 30 percent alcohol would be 60 proof. Most vodka is 40 percent alcohol, or 80 proof. Vodka containing 60 percent of the total volume in alcohol is 120 proof.

Is 14% alcohol strong?

The new Four Loko seltzer concept. Four Loko just announced a 14% alcohol by volume (ABV) hard seltzer that's stronger than most wine . A number of companies are aiming to claim a share of a market that has been dominated by White Claw, dubbed by many as the " drink of the summer ."

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