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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new in the Wago app?

For the first time ever, search, download and update all of your WeakAuras directly on your desktop. The Wago App brings directly to your PC. The Wago App is the first desktop application that allows you to browse our extensive WeakAuras repository and install them without copying import strings.

How do I download weakauras in the Wago app?

Join the Wago App open Beta to manage your addons and download WeakAuras all in one App.

Why choose Wago smart data?

Use WAGO smart DATA to make your production more intelligent and exploit the potential of Industry 4.0. From firmware, to planning and analysis tools, our software makes your everyday project tasks easier. Download what offers you the most help. The digital transformation comes with many challenges.

How do I release my addon to Wago addons?

The easiest way to automate releasing your addon to Wago Addons is using the BigWigs packager . It's an extremely handy tool that helps you with even more automation than just releases, please visit their documentation to get started. Once you're set up with the packager adding Wago as a release target is incredibly easy.

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