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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I've Lost my Wallet ID?

Look for the option that says “I’ve lost my Wallet ID: Email me a reminder with my Wallet ID to my email address” Enter the email address you used to create the wallet, fill out the “captcha” and submit the form

How do I recover my Defi wallet?

And of course, if you have previously created a DeFi Wallet, you can also recover the wallet with the 12-word recovery phrase. A recovery phrase is the key to access your wallet and funds, it usually consists of 12/18/24 randomly generated words and is generated when you first create a wallet.

How can I recover my encrypted wallet?

If you are not able to remember the email there are several other options to recover the encrypted wallet. It is possible to use btc recover, an open source Bitcoin wallet password and seed recovery tool, to download the encrypted backup.

How to recover a deleted blockchain wallet?

As you can see, one will need some programming skills and relevant hardware to attempt a wallet recovery. Remember that if all this seems to much for you, there are professional services like KeychainX that will for a fee help you recover your lost or wallet.

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