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Frequently Asked Questions

Does replace by fee (RBF) work with my wallet?

But this Replace By Fee (RBF) technique only works with a handful of wallets - so you’ll need to check with your wallet vendor to see whether it’s compatible. You can also check this compatibility matrix for convenience. If your wallet supports RBF and you have already opted-in, then you can simply send another RBF transaction.

Why do I need RBF Inside my Exodus wallet?

As a result of increasing the fee, your transaction will now become more attractive to the miners and has a higher chance to be confirmed faster. While we can never guarantee that your transaction will be included in the very next block, RBF inside of Exodus wallet allows you to make these chances higher.

What is rereplace-by-fee (RBF)?

Replace-by-Fee (RBF) is a feature that enables Bitcoin users to replace their original transactions by paying a higher fee. In general, accepting RBF transactions comes with a higher risk of double spend attacks, as well as the risk of a user changing the amount of a transaction before it is mined.

How to disable RBF in your Bitcoin Core wallet?

Tap the three dots icon on the top right corner. Go to Settings. Tap Replace-by-fee. Uncheck the Enabled option. Tap OK. How to disable RBF in your Bitcoin Core wallet? Navigate to the Send tab. Expand Transaction Fee if collapsed. Uncheck the Enable Replace-By-Fee option.

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