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Frequently Asked Questions

What does non spendable mean on a blockchain wallet?

Seeing the label Non Spendable on a blockchain wallet means you’ve imported only the public key, that address without its private key and you need the private key to be able to send transactions from that wallet. On the other hand, If an imported address has no label, that means it’s spendable.

How do I make a non spendable wallet address spendable?

You are using a watch only setting for an address that is why is has a non spendable label and to make this non spendable wallet address accessible in blockchain and make it spendable you need to import the private keys for that bitcoin wallet into the wallet account you are using before you can convert a non spendable to become spendable.

What does it mean when an imported wallet has no label?

On the other hand, If an imported address has no label, that means it’s spendable. In other words, you’ve imported the address private key and you can send or transfer the funds on that address. Watch only wallets is a relatively advanced feature, so if you had done it yourself, and don’t known what it’s all about look up my bio for poss

How do I show non-spendable BTC in my wallet?

To show any amount you just need to find a wallet that has the particular number of BTC and you just import the wallet address to your Blockchain wallet and it will start to show in your wallet too as non-spendable BTC. You can check my (bio) for more help Can a non-spendable bitcoin payment be a scam?

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