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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WalletHub and how does it work?

WalletHub is the first app to offer 100% free credit scores and full credit reports that update on a daily basis. WalletHub also provides a personalized plan for saving money and improving your credit score. Download this award-winning app and reach top WalletFitness®. Sign up for a free WalletHub account to get:

How do I Check my WalletHub score?

Wallethub’s free credit score and report, along with 24/7 crediting monitoring, are excellent ways to keep tabs on your credit and financial health. It is easy to log online and purchase your FICO score each time you want to check up on your credit, but your Wallethub score is updated daily, free of charge.

Is WalletHub a good credit monitoring site?

One thing they don’t ask for: a credit card number. Yes, WalletHub is another credit monitoring site that keeps its word and is completely free to use. It should also be noted that, like similar sites, signing up for and using WalletHub will not affect your score.

How do I sign up for WalletHub?

Similar to the other two sites I just mentioned, WalletHub’s sign-up process is pretty straightforward. First the site will prompt you to enter your name, followed by an e-mail address, and then more personal details such as your address and the last four digits of your social security number.

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