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Frequently Asked Questions

What is wallwallhaven?

Wallhaven is a desktop wallpaper website inspired by Wallbase. See here for more info about what we're about and what became of Wallbase. We're currently in alpha, so expect bits missing, parts broken, and chaos in general.

How many wallpaper users does Wallhaven have? is home to 885,510 high quality wallpapers which have been viewed a total of 2.23 billion times! We have 638,902 awesome users, of whom 427 are online right now! Not sure what to search for? We're sure at least one of our 73,250 user created tags will help you find something!

Is walldo based on Wallhaven?

Hey guys, I recently published an app on the Play Store, it’s called Walldo, based on Lemme hear your thoughts on it. Have a nice day could allow upload pics from wallhaven here?

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