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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wallhaven?

Wallhaven is the one and true successor to Wallbase; the greatest source for awesome wallpapers. This unofficial fan-made app brings the awesomeness of Wallhaven right to your pocket. Come take a look at what Wallhaven has to offer, and enjoy its everlasting awesomeness.

How many wallpaper users does Wallhaven have? is home to 885,510 high quality wallpapers which have been viewed a total of 2.23 billion times! We have 638,902 awesome users, of whom 427 are online right now! Not sure what to search for? We're sure at least one of our 73,250 user created tags will help you find something!

How do I use Wallhaven live tiles?

- Pin one of the Live Tiles to your Start Screen to have it beautify your device with a new image every time. - Manage your favorites; either offline on your phone, or in-sync with your Wallhaven account. - Configure the app to your needs with the many preference settings.

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