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Frequently Asked Questions

What size extension cord do I need for my RV?

For RV's that need to get 15A power, we recommend using a 10 Gauge Extension Cord. This is a good cord to run at any length, as it has a very durable jacket, and thick stranded wire. At minimum we recommend using a 12 gauge extension cord. 30A RV's

What extension cord to use for air conditioner?

The utility cords stocked in such stores are safe for lamps and electronic equipment, but not for for air conditioners. Most air conditioner cords have a three-prong connection, so be sure to select a three-prong extension cord.

Can I use an extension cord to connect my RV?

To answer the title question, yes, you can use an extension cord to connect your RV to your home. However, there are some things you have to do first. You have to discover what your RV's power rating is, as well as what your home's circuit breaker is capable of handling.

Can I use the extension cord?

Always use the correct extension cord for the purpose. ... Never plug one extension cord into another or overload a cord. Store all extension cords indoors in a cool, dry place. Never use a wet extension cord. Do not drive over or place carpet or rugs over an extension cord in use. More items...

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