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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Walsh?

For other uses, see Walsh. Walsh is a common Irish surname, meaning " Briton " or "foreigner", literally "Welshman" or 'Wales', taken to Ireland by British (Welsh, Cornish and Cumbrian) soldiers during and after the Norman invasion of Ireland. It is most common in County Mayo and County Kilkenny.

Who are the Walsh Group?

We are The Walsh Group. We’re one of the largest and most established builders in North America, with values and an approach to business guided by our heritage as a fourth-generation family business.

What is Walsh University known for?

Our nationally recognized degree programs blend academic theory and practical application to prepare students for successful careers in business and technology. Founded in 1922, Walsh is one of the region’s largest business schools and Michigan’s third largest graduate business school. Flexibility and Personal Attention.

Why buy at Walsh?

At Walsh, we’re in the business of removing the barriers keeping you and your family from having it all. Our safe, community-driven neighborhood has innovative amenities, beautiful houses, and is just 12 minutes from the heart of Fort Worth. At Walsh, we know you have high standards for the community you call home.

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