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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you earn ranks in Warface?

Warface Rank Rewards Each player above level 13 has a Rank, which is earned by playing Ranked Matches. The matchmaking system aims to create rooms that bring together players of similar skill. Every Ranked Match you play will contribute rating points towards moving up or down a Versus Rank.

What are rewards for ranked matches?

What are rewards for Ranked matches? You will get seasonal challenge cards for the rank you acquire during each Stage. If you achieve the 1st rank in any Stage, you will get a legendary challenge card. Apart from that, you can earn unique rewards for completing seasonal challenges, which also include various goals for Ranked.

How many ranks are there in Warface breakout?

Warface: Breakout features 30 ranks, in which the 30th is the lowest one and the 1st is highest. The whole Ranked ladder is divided into several tiers, and each tier has its own progression. You need to earn 100 exp to move up from one rank to another. What parameters make a rank change?

What is ranked mode in Warface?

It is a competitive, seasonal gameplay mode in Warface. Every victory awards you 1 ranked point, while suffering a defeat or running away from combat will deduct 1 point from your score.

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