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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a watchman on the wall?

Watchmen on the wall is a biblical concept that helps us understand our role as intercessors. We will look at watchmen in the Old Testament and see how the call to watch and pray has also been extended to followers of Jesus in the New Testament and even today.

What does it mean to be called a watchman of God?

It is the call of God to His people to take their places on the wall as watchmen. Whether we look to the Old Testament or the New, we find that God is calling us to watch and pray. Our modern culture does not readily identify with the ancient concept of watchmen on the walls.

How do we respond to the call of the watchman?

We need to receive and obey such a call with gratitude and humility. Perhaps the overwhelming characteristic of watchman prayer is that it is to be done with open eyes. This does not necessarily imply physical eyes, although it certainly can, but our spiritual eyes must be held wide open.

What did the young watchman do to sound the alarm?

Whatever it was, the young watchman’s orders were clear…he was to sound the alarm. Raising the trumpet to his lips, he sounded the three short blasts that would bring his superiors to the wall. Within minutes, the quiet sentry post was filled with soldiers. An armed scouting party was sent to the general area of the fire.

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