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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Damon Lindelof return for ‘Watchmen’ season 2?

As much as the world wants Damon Lindelof to return and take control of season 2 of HBO ’s Watchmen , he just won’t budge — even after the series won the top Emmy limited series prize for a total of ten trophies.

Will there be a season 2 of 'Watchmen'?

But Watchmen was nominated in the Limited Series categories and is not set to return for another season. While Doctor Manhattan's motto, "Nothing ever ends," may not apply to the series itself, it does ring true with speculation about a second season.

Will Regina King return to ‘Watchmen’ in Season 2?

Well, what about Watchmen limited series lead actress winner Regina King? Her feature directorial debut One Night in Miami just made its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival followed by a stop at TIFF. While Lindelof said he’d love to work with her again, King has no plans of taking control of Watchmen in season 2.

Is 'Watchmen' the most successful new HBO series since 'Big Little Lies'?

We're almost certain that it is. In a Variety report, Watchmen was revealed as the most successful new HBO series since 2017's Big Little Lies (which got a second season, by the way).

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