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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the services offered by Watershed Health?

Watershed Health is the only platform-first, end-to-end post-acute care management solution. A Watershed connected community reduces hospital readmissions, enables transparency, and optimizes post-acute networks. Our post-acute care management solution connects clinical and non-clinical care teams and is proven to improve patient outcomes.

What factors can affect watershed health?

Watershed condition changes over time due to natural processes and anthropogenic influences. The most pervasive changes to watershed condition will come from population increase (changes in land and water use) and climate change.

What is the best way to assess watershed health?

Healthy Watersheds integrated assessments are based on an assessment of: Landscape condition assessments examine the condition and configuration of natural land cover in the landscape. Natural vegetative cover stabilizes soil, regulates watershed hydrology and provides habitat to terrestrial and riparian species.

What are the benefits of a healthy watershed?

Healthy watersheds support the natural environment, communities, and the economy. We monitor watershed health by studying indicators of river and stream biological conditions. This includes meaures of species composition, physical habitat,and water quality.

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