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Frequently Asked Questions

How many ice cream cones does Thiebaud have?

Four Ice Cream Cones exemplifies Thiebaud’s 1960s themed works of sugary treats. The four similiar cones of varying colors sit on an ice cream parlor counter. Leaving the backgrounded parlor rather plain allows for an emphasis on the cones each with two scoops of bright ice cream.

Where did Thiebaud work?

In 1951 Thiebaud began a dual career as an art teacher and an artist in Sacramento, California. Over the next ten years he experimented with compositions based on familiar subjects and his childhood memories, such as pinball machines and ice cream cones.

How old is Wayne Thiebaud?

Wayne Thiebaud (born 1920) grew up during the Great Depression and has spent most of his life living and working in California. He tried cartooning and commer- cial art, but eventually his passion for painting and art history led him back to school to study art education and studio art.

What technique did Thiebaud use to create the ice cream scoops?

Thiebaud used the impasto technique of multiple short strokes of layered oil paint in order to give the pastel ice cream scoops a raised texture. Each scoop appears creamy and thick– reflecting the nature of ice cream in real life.

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