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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a kimono and a kimona?

is that kimono is kimono while kimona is . A traditional Japanese robe-like garment that is now generally worn only in formal occasions. A yukata. A long robe-like garment. In Japanese, a yukata is not considered to be a type of kimono, except in the broad meaning of kimono of clothing . Sue let her kimona flap open enticingly.

Is it rude to wear kimono?

Some of you might be worried if it will be seen as inappropriate or even rude to wear a Kimono as a foreigner. Our personal opinion is “No, it is not rude”. But since we are foreigners as well we would like to share with you the thoughts of Japanese writer Saki Yoshida through her article “ Is It Rude To Wear Kimono? ” published on The Real Japan.

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