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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is most likely to wear a kimono?

Kimono is a likely wear-of-choice for Yamato Nadeshiko , and will underline these qualities Up to Eleven. A Geisha will never work out of kimono. An elderly character wearing a kimono will likely represent the traditional ways, demanding respect as the iron-fisted head of their family.

Do men wear hula skirts?

In ancient times, male dancers often wore only a malo (loincloth). This type of costume has recently become popular again. For modern hula, men usually wear trousers, sometimes with a ti-leaf, lauhala or ‘ilihau skirt over them. They may choose to wear shirts, but this is not obligatory.

Do you wear a bra when using a kimono?

Even if you usually wear a bra or girdle, you really should not do so when wearing kimono. There are three main reasons for this. Because it causes the clothes to lose shape while wearing. The presence of a bra does not allow you to shape up the collar of your kimono, and the volume of your bust will eventually open the collar wider.

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