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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should babies wear diapers?

Once they fit into newborn diapers, they should be able to wear them for one to three months, just like babies born at average weights.

Why does a baby wear a diaper?

A diaper change is required with every soiled diaper to prevent skin irritation, especially when babies become more active and mobile. As your baby reaches developmental milestones such as rolling over and crawling, he'll be moving a lot more often.

How long did your baby wear newborn diapers?

Assuming your baby wears newborn (which some don't), figure you'll go through about 8 - 12 diapers a day in the very beginning. The newborn packs are small, but if you have enough to last you 1 week, you can always send someone to run to the store for more when you need them.

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