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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best weather radar sites?

© Provided by Honolulu KHNLForecast: More of the best weather on the planet ahead A reinforcing northwest swell will produce advisory level surf along north and west facing shores through Friday. This swell will peak late tonight into early Friday morning then steadily decline through Saturday.

What is the 5 day forecast?

This year’s event includes a special appointment-only greenhouse shopping day beginning at 8 a.m. Dec. 9. Attendees must have an appointment to enter the greenhouse on this date. There is a limit of five people per group. Register for a time slot at ...

What is the weather like on radar?

When a weather radar is scanning in only one direction vertically, it obtains high resolution data along a vertical cut of the atmosphere. The output of this sounding is called a Range Height Indicator (RHI) which is excellent for viewing the detailed vertical structure of a storm. This is different from the vertical cross section mentioned above by the fact that the radar is making a vertical cut along specific directions and does not scan over the entire 360 degrees around the site.

What is a ten day forecast?

Tropical Storm and Storm Surge Warnings are in effect for portions of Florida, from the Panhandle and Big Bend region. Heavy rain, flooding and tornadoes are expected from the Florida Panhandle into southeast Alabama and southwest Georgia. Meanwhile out West, heat, fire weather, heavy rain and flooding hazards persist. Read More >.

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