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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find apps and extensions for Google Chrome?

You can find apps, extensions, and browser themes for the Google Chrome browser in the Chrome Web Store. With these additions, you can do more with Chrome. You can install free items from the Chrome Web Store. To pay for apps, extensions or browser themes, you need a Google Payments account. Check if Google Payments is available in your country.

How do I use the extension on the current site?

When you click the extension: This setting only allows the extension to access the current site in the open tab or window when you click the extension. If you close the tab or window, you’ll have to click the extension to turn it on again. On [current site]: Allow the extension to automatically read and change data on the current site.

How do I enable/disable redirects?

Click on the Redirector button next to your address bar to get started adding and editing redirects, and use the Enable/Disable button to quickly disable the addon. Was this helpful?

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