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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Webex Teams and how does it work?

Sign in to Webex Teams for group chat, video calling, and sharing documents with your team. It's all backed by Cisco security and reliability.

What is message interoperability in Webex?

Mio’s message interoperability tool connects the messages you send in Webex to users with Zoom Chat. This means that when you message someone from Webex, and they use Zoom, they still see that message. The same is true vice versa.

How do I send a GIF in a chat or channel?

To get to the full set of reactions, hover over a message and select the one you want. Then watch it appear in the upper-right corner of the message. To send an animated GIF in a chat or channel message, just select GIF beneath the box.

What is your favorite WebEx feature?

Justin Ramirez, Systems Engineering Director at Cisco, says his favorite Webex feature is being able to remove background noise from meetings. Noise suppression has been around video conferencing apps for some time but Webex now boasts noise removal since acquiring BabbleLabs in September 2020.

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