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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the chat in a WebEx Meeting?

Only when you log on to the meeting using the webex desktop tool, you do not see the chatroom. Logging off and then using the webex hyperlink and the browser to log on, the chat is there 05-04-2021 11:26 PM

What is Webex Teams and how does it work?

Sign in to Webex Teams for group chat, video calling, and sharing documents with your team. It's all backed by Cisco security and reliability.

What is the full meeting experience in Cisco WebEx?

The "full meeting experience" refers to the fact that Webex -Meetings and Webex-Meetings -meetings (??) do not yet offer an identical feature-set by default. You (your IT-management) may contact Cisco to manually enable the "full meeting experience" when using the "new Webex"-Client. (note: this is not yet possible for free Webex-Accounts).

Is it possible to use WebEx on Linux?

It is a known issue and, sorry to say so, Webex is just plain awful to use on some systems (note that MS Teams and Zoom run cleanly on Linux). I am now using my phone to have the chat and the app on the desktop to avoid dramatic cpu use (which I get from using the browser version of webex). Running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS fully updated-upgraded.

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