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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use WebEx meetings on my Desktop?

the Webex Meetings icon on your desktop. When you’re finished installing, drag and drop the app icon into your Dock for easy access. The all-in-one app to call, meet, message, and get work done.

What is WebEx Connect?

A powerful set of tools that keeps you connected before, during, and after the meeting. Webex Meetings Webex Teams Webex Calling Webex Devices

How many meetings does Cisco WebEx deliver per month?

Cisco Webex Meetings delivers over 25 billion meetings per month, offering industry-leading video and audio conferencing with sharing, chat, and more. Experience why Webex Meetings is the most trusted video conferencing solution today.

What is Sutter my health online?

My Health Online. Convenience at your fingertips Sutter's My Health Online connects over 1 million patients like you to their doctors and health records anytime, anywhere. Get Started - Enroll Today Stay connected with your doctors and access your medical records anytime, anywhere.

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