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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a return address on a wedding invitation?

The Return Address. The return address should be printed (again, by hand if possible) on the back envelope flap. This should the address of the person or persons hosting the event. For example, if the bride’s parents are hosting the wedding, the invitations should use the parents’ address.

How do you address a wedding envelope?

Standard Addressing Etiquette Rules: Do not spell out the state. Address envelopes to both members of a married couple, husband first. Address envelopes to unmarried couples with each of their names on a separate line. Send separate invitations to children over 18. Write “and Guest” if a guest is allowed.

What is proper wedding invitation etiquette?

According to modern etiquette rules, a wedding invitation is properly worded when it is tasteful, grammatically correct, and includes essential information such as the hosts' names, the names of the bride and groom, and the time and location of the ceremony and/or reception. Traditional wording is recommended for formal affairs.

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