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Frequently Asked Questions

Is WellCare a good insurance?

WellCare provides managed care services through Medicaid, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug plans. Is WellCare good insurance? WellCare received 3.57 stars out of 5 by Medicare’s rating system. It has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Is WellCare a good plan?

WellCare health insurance offers excellent medical services coverage and benefit programs that makes them a good choice for seniors, families, and individuals. Minimum 12 words.

What is OTC health solutions?

OTC Health Solutions, The First Step to Wellness. OTC Health Solutions is an experienced partner that provides your members with access to a unique self care approach. We have a proven track record of working successfully with health plans throughout the country and fulfill benefits for Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial plans.

Is WellCare United health care?

WellCare and UnitedHealthcare are both popular insurance companies that sell Medicare plans in many areas of the U.S. In this review, we compare WellCare vs. UnitedHealthcare Medicare plans, including what they cover, how well they're rated and what plans may be available where live. WellCare vs. UnitedHealthcare.

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