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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WCU known for?

Western Carolina was founded to serve the region it calls home, and that has not changed. WCU continues to focus on regional development initiatives, engaged service and community programs. It also partners with alumni and donors to ensure access to higher education for deserving students in the region and beyond.

What is Western Carolina University known for?

As the westernmost institution in the UNC system, Western Carolina University provides educational opportunities to residents of the state’s western region and attracts students from around the globe to explore the area’s vast resources. About Western Carolina. Visit WCU. Fast Facts.

Is Western Carolina University's campus safe?

Western Carolina University takes your safety very seriously. Since residence halls are public buildings that serve as private residences for a large number of students, security is an important concern. All exterior doors remain locked at all times.

Why choose Western Carolina University's residential communities?

While college is first an academic experience, it’s also a social experience since you’re making a new home and meeting new people—and Western Carolina University's residential communities are a great place to start.

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