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Frequently Asked Questions

How do watersheds affect water quality?

Watersheds direct­ly affect water quality, whether it's for drinking or recreation. For example, algae blooms from fertilizer runoff draining into water harm watershed health, as do mercury and lead seeping into the water supply due to pollution. As states and cities try to find new sources of uncontaminated drinking water,...

What makes up a watershed?

Together, land and water make a watershed, a whole system. A "watershed" is the term describing an area of land united by the flow of water, nutrients, pollutants and sediments, moving down slope to the lowest point, through a network of drainage pathways that may be underground or on the surface.

What factors affect the infiltration rate of a watershed?

Several factors affect the infiltration rate, including soil type, topography, climate, and vegetative cover. Percolation is also aided by the activity of burrowing animals, insects, and earthworms. Second, a watershed stores rainwater once it filters through the soil.

What factors influence people's livelihoods and interactions within a watershed?

Both factors - the biophysical attributes and the policy and institutional environments - shape people's livelihoods and interactions within the watershed. A watershed is healthy when it is capable of maintaining its self-organizing complexity and diversity through time.

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