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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between gatorboard and foam board?

Gatorfoam® board is a lightweight, resilient foam board product that can be used for many different purposes. When you compare gatorboard vs. foam board, the main difference is that standard foam board has a paper surface on both sides while Gatorfoam® board has a wood laminate on both sides, making it exceptionally rigid.

What is gatorfoam?

Gatorfoam is the original and only high-performance graphic arts foam board, providing an extremely rigid base with wood-fiber veneers for mounting applications. With its bright white facer, it provides exceptionally good digital and screen-printing results. Every sheet can be routed and cut cleanly for easy fabrication.

What is gator board?

What is Gatorboard? Gatorboard (or gator board) is a type of display board with a dense inner core made of foam and a rigid exterior made of wood-fiber veneer. This exterior is water resistant and will not easily break or warp.

What is Gator Foam made of?

THE STRONG AND SIMPLE LIGHTWEIGHT. GATORFOAM® is an extremely stiff lightweight foamboard with resin‑impregnated paper liners on both sides and a polystyrene foam core.

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