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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 2022 Topps project100 baseball?

2022 Topps Project100 Baseball is the third iteration of the art-based, direct-to-consumer MLB card series. Per Topps, "Every Project100 base, deluxe and artist proof edition card features unique foil printing technology chosen carefully by each artist to create the most premium baseball art cards ever seen."

How many Topps project100 cards are there?

Each card is also its own thing with artists creating them from scratch and not using classic cards or designs as inspiration. In another significant twist, print runs are limited for Topps Project100. Base versions of each card are limited to 3,999. This is instead of the print-to order.

What happened to Topps Project 2020?

Like a lot of the card maker’s online products, many early Topps Project 2020 print runs were on the low side. But then a couple of things happened. Artists were more involved with showcasing not only their work, but its creation. This means their fans, who might not have been card collectors, started picking some up.

What are the features of a project100 card?

Every Project100 card is available in Base, Deluxe, or Artist Proof Editions. Base card features include: Deluxe Editions are parallel cards foil numbered to /100 that feature color and/or foil variations. Deluxe Edition boxes include (2) Project100 cards:

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