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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GI revive®?

Never run out. Get Double rewards with AUTOSHIP. GI Revive® offers comprehensive support for optimum gastrointestinal health and function. The lining of the gut must have proper permeability and integrity not only so it can absorb nutrients‚ but also to prevent toxins‚ allergens‚ and microbes from gaining access to the bloodstream.

How many GI revive pills can I take a day?

You can take up to seven pills a day of GI Revive! Dane likes to take GI Revive daily to calm any inflammatory markers. He takes 4 daily and amps it up to 7 if he feels he is coming down with something or feeling increased inflammation. 8 grams (approx one tablespoon) of powder or 7 capsules per day is what the company Designs for Health recommend.

Can I take GI revive in a tea?

Taking GI Revive in a tea is a very soothing and easy way to digest this supplement. Taking it as a tea also can increase absorbability as you can sip this slowly throughout the day (decreasing the possibility of a potential reaction.) You can simply open the capsules in hot water and add stevia or organic honey for taste.

What is leaky gut revive?

LEAKY GUT REVIVE ® : 1 Mixes easily into water, juice or smoothies. 2 Offers an excellent source of L-Glutamine to nourish your gut cells. 3 Has aloe extract to help restore your gut’s normal mucosal lining. 4 Includes licorice extract to soothe the stomach and intestinal lining. 5 Contains larch arabinogalactan to promote healthy gut microflora...

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