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Frequently Asked Questions

Are succulent bouquets cheaper than flowers?

Are Succulents cheaper than flowers for a wedding? They are not cheaper, unless you have grown your own. I have had a bride grown her own succulents for her wedding, wedding favors, and tablescapes. She brought them into me to include in her wedding flowers. This eliminating the cost of the succulents.

How much do flower bouquets usually cost?

Thumbtack estimates that an elaborate bouquet will cost $350 to $500. For many, this price sounds outrageous, but this isn’t the typical price point for a bridal arrangement. Simple yet beautiful bouquets can cost around $150. To lower prices, consider choosing your favorite wedding flower and surrounding it with cheaper blooms and fillers.

What does combination of flowers make the perfect bouquet?

You can make that happen in your wedding bouquet by choosing flower varieties that can turn your unique vision into a reality. For example, pairing orange astilbe, white peonies, and peach roses can be the perfect autumn wedding bouquet.

What's the cheapest way to send flowers?

The good news is that there are many ways to send flowers cheaply; you don't need to spend a lot of money to order cheap bouquets and have a cheap flower delivery of beautiful freshly-cut flowers. The cheapest flower delivery of all is free, if you send an e-card or virtual bouquet. If you want to send real discount flowers, there are several considerations to keep in mind as you browse the web. Following these guidelines will ensure you will have cheap flowers delivered without ...

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