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Frequently Asked Questions

Is gator board used for outdoor use?

Gator board is not meant to be an outdoor sign material. Although it is water resistant, too much exposure to water will eat away at the wood veneer and eventually the foam core. Gator board is not recommended for outdoor use unless displayed in a cover that shields the sign from the elements.

Is gator board archival?

Archival Foamboard with two sided acid free protection, protects artwork from corroding acids found in regular foam core board. Also Know, what is Gatorboard used for? Creative uses : gatorboard is the perfect choice for more permanent signage, due to the quality, durability, and stability.

What is a Gator used for?

Gator board is very actively used in advertising products – plates, signs, stands, models of various goods are all made of it. Growth figures, which are actively used in marketing, are mainly made from the same material. Theatrical artists use it to make sets, while architects use it to make a presentation. To date, almost all photo houses ...

What is gatorfoam board?

Gatorfoam is a lightweight, rigid display board with a polystyrene core and white surface. The core is very dense and firm and the surface is a wood fiber veneer laminate impregnated with resin for water resistance. Gatorfoam cuts cleanly with a knife, saw, or router.

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