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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you buy restaurant plates wholesale or in a set?

Consider this: commercial plates are used by countless customers and diners, then are washed and dried countless times day in and day out. Before going out to buy your very own bulk dinnerware for your food-service business, decide whether you want to purchase restaurant plates wholesale or in a set.

How do I choose the right dinner plates?

Small dinner plates are great for portion control and artful presentation, while large plates encourage guests to enjoy generous helpings of your home-cooked meals. Perhaps the most fun part of selecting a set of plates is choosing a color and design. Clean and simple, white dinnerware never goes out of style.

What kind of dinner plates are best for everyday use?

Crafted from durable AB-grade porcelain, these white dinner plates are ideal for everyday use. This dinner plate set has a beautiful and unique design, making it a great option for displaying and serving meals either for dinner pa…

What is restaurant dinnerware?

Restaurant dinnerware is a type of tableware used in restaurants and includes everything from plates and cups to serving dishes and ramekins. It is generally heavier than standard dinnerware and is typically made from sturdier materials to withstand the rigors of commercial use.

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