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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good story to read on Wattpad?

Wattpad is an online reading/writing community. These are the best stories. The Top Ten. 1 F.A.I.T.H: a Dorm. a Delinquent a Girl. Imagine that you are a fisherman, living a humble happy life. One day, you set out to sea on your boat like normal, but then a huge storm hits. You are washed out to sea.

What are some good Wattpad Books?

What are some good romance stories on Wattpad? – The perfect series Perfect Illusion is the first book – Along for the ride Along For the Ride is the first book – My brother’s best friend (MBBF series) My Brother’s Best Friend is the first book The MBBF series is over, but the author still writes and regularly updates two side-books full

Can you make money by writing books on Wattpad?

Wattpad is a free platform where you can write and read books. Yes, you can earn money if your story gets more views. Writors put ads after every chapter, from which they earn money. Wattpad is an app that allows you to write your own stories and read others’. You can also add books in your library and read it offline.

What is the best romace book in Wattpad?

What is the best werewolf romance book on Wattpad? Best Werewolf / Mate Books. Dear Diary, I Have a Mate. … My Dark and Powerful Mate. … ALASKA // WOLFSTATE CHRONICLES [PUBLISHED IN EBOOK + PRINT] 8.7M 143K 46. … Bond Mates (Completed) 9.5M 153K 41. … Alpha Logan. 2.2M 48.7K 25. …

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