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Frequently Asked Questions

What is whiskey painterstm?

We as Whiskey Painters set our boundaries within our miniature 4” x 5” or smaller paintings, our pocket sized palette boxes and wallet size brush to direct our imagination from heart and soul to paper Whiskey Painters™ does not promote the consumption of Alcohol

Can you drink whiskey painterstm watercolors?

In times when water was scarce or was not available Whiskey or other spirits were used to mix with the Whiskey Painters™ watercolors Alcohol is not required to drink but part of the tradition past on from centuries of the Whiskey Painters™ Secret Society and Guild of artists since the 1400’s

Is Pinot's palette a good place to paint and SIP?

Perks and Coupon Codes do not apply. Pinot's Palette is ranked the #1 paint and sip for franchisee satisfaction. Craze-mazing place! We love it so much, we keep coming back. Such great instruction, it's hard to not leave with a masterpiece. And the service is top-notch. Everyone at Pinot's Palette genuinely wants you to have a fantastic time.

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